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How to choose the suitable length for your hair extensions?

Hair extensions is a fast and easy way to get a head of luxury and flowing hair, also adds length to your natural hair instantly. No matter what your reason for getting hair extensions, it is very important to choose the right hair length. In order to make our customers to get what they real wanted, provides hair extensions length guidelines.

a.How to count the length of different hair?

Tips: When you receive your hair extension, you have to straighten it to count its length.

b.How to choose the right hair length?

SizecharacteristicSuitable Userseffect
10",12"Short Shot hair or someone with longhair but want to have short style hair.It will bring you a short style hair and make you cooler. It also can make your thin hair thicker.
14",16",18",20"MediumFor short or long hair to make the hair longer.This length is suitable to make many hair styles for your hair, and you also can cut it to the length that you like.
22",24"LongFor short or long hair to make the hair longer.This length is very long and can make you look more charmed.

How Many Packs of Hair Extensions I Should Buy?

Our customers always ask us: I wondered how celebrities have such nice hair. How can I choose how many packs of hair extensions I should buy? If you are also considering how to choose, our step by step guide is a must get.

Step 1: You should confirm which type of hair extensions you need. Then we will inform you the feature of each type of hair extensions.

TypeWeight/a packApplyApplication Time(Approx.)Life(Approx.)Estimation
Clip in/on70g-150g Clip5Minutes-10Minutes6 To 12MonthsEasy Apply
Weft /Weave100gClip30Minutes-60Minutes6 To 12MonthsNatural Appearance
Micro Loop/Ring40g/50gMicro Loop45MinutesExceeds 1 yearLong Service Life
Tape in30gTape30Minutes6 To 12MonthsFixed Well
Fusion/Prebonded70gKeratin30Minutes6 To 12MonthsEasy Removal
Hair Pieces80g-118gClip/Ribbon5Minutes6 To 12MonthsEasy Apply

Step 2: You should confirm what appearance you looks like.

Thin HairThick HairLuxury Hair
For BeginnersRecommendedBest Pack

Step 3: The following is our most popular pack that our customers choose. You can refer to the form after consider your requirement.

Clip in/on(7PCS)Clip in/on(12PCS)Weft /WeaveMicro Loop/Ring(0.5g)Micro Loop/Ring(0.8g)Fusion/PrebondedTape in
Thin Hair1 pack1 pack1 pack1-2 pack1 pack1 pack1-2 pack
Thin Hair1-2 pack1-2 pack2 pack2 pack2 pack2 pack2-3 pack
Luxury Hair2-3 packs2 packs2-3 packs2-3 packs2-3 packs2-3 packs3 packs

Tips: If you need to style your hair through salon professional for an intricate hair style, we recommend you to order extra 1-2 packs of hair extensions.

How to choose hair volume?

Whether it's to copy the latest hairstyle trends or just to add a little something to everyday styles, volume is one of the most asked for and essential parts of hairstyling and can be added to any type of hair and any kind of length.

Here is the picture about the volume of 22鈥欌 Body Wave Clip In.

Thin HairThick HairLuxury Hair
12" length14" length 16" length18" length20" length22" length24" length
75-100 grams100-125 grams125-150 grams150-175 grams175-200 grams200-250 grams250-300 grams

Controlling the Volume of Your Hair

You can create more volume or fullness with even the limpest of locks by manipulating the roots of the聽hair.

a. If you want the hair to be full at the crown, blow-dry the hair forward (toward the face) until it's聽nearly dry, and then brush it back.

b.For longer hair or spiky hairdos, dry the root area with the head bent over and the hair hanging聽upside down.

c.For shorter hair types or for slightly less volume, hold the hair straight up from the scalp or聽straight-out from the sides, while drying the roots